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John Lewis Discography

08.02.09John Lewis supports Imelda May at The PointPic: Nick Treharne
4 cd back case jpeg
Doing Time 001
trio album cover jpeg
trio back coverjpeg
Baching Mad 001
Baching Mad
Musical Medicine
Musical Medicine 001
John Lewis trio and the Sureshots
John Lewis trio and the Sureshots 001
Planet Bop
Planet Bop 001
feeling no pain
feelin no pain
Everybody Bop
Everybody Bop 002
Everybody Bop 001
Sentimental fools
Sentimental fools 001
Rockabilly Ready
Rockabilly Ready 001
they're Bach!!! 001
they're Bach!!!
Bach on the Bottle
Bach on the Bottle 001
RockaBilly Heaveen Tour
RockaBilly Heaveen Tour 001
Volcano pic
Rockabilly Heaven Down Under
One More Beer
One More Beer Ep
One More Beer b Ep
Hank Williams Tribute 002
Hank Williams Tribute 003
Hank Williams Tribute
Hank Williams Tribute 001
Don't Play C23
Rimshots 001






Singles / EPs

  • Flat-Top Cat / She’s Long Gone

John Lewis & his Rock’N’Roll Trio MR45-019 Ltd 500 run. Picture cover July2014

  • Drunk / Layback and be cool

John Lewis Rock’n’Roll Trio MR45-007 2012 Ltd 500 run. Picture cover

  • Doing Time / Black Cat

John Lewis Rock’n’Roll TrioMR45-001 2008 Ltd 500 run. Picture cover

  • Don’t Play C23 / Rock Ola Ruby

The Rimshots JJ7”006 2001 Be Be Juke Box Series ltd Coloured Vinyl

  • Fool about you , Love sick Blues

Be Be EP002 1998 Rimshots meets Rusti Steel Picture cover EP

  • Planet Bop / Shut Up and Drink your Beer

The Rimshots JON2 1997 Picture disc

  • One More Beer / You saved my heart, I hope my brain still works the same.

The Rimshots BCR 102 1995 Picture cover with lyric sheet inside Big Cigar Records

  • Volcano /That’s You, Off it again

The Rimshots BCR 101 1994 Silver label with picture cover, rereleased with yellow label BCR

Albums Vinyl/ CD

  • Sanity

John Lewis & his Trio, Atomic Cowboy Records ACR 004 Aug. 2014

  • The Billy Banks Sessions

John Lewis Trio, Atomic Cowboy Records ACR 003 2011

  • Live In Cardiff

John Lewis Solo, Atomic Cowboy Records ACR 002 2010

  • Rockabilly Heaven Down Under

John Lewis Trio, Sureshots, Wildfire Willie & the Ramblers Joint Album

Press-Tone Records Australia PCD12 208

  • Baching Mad!!

Johnny Bach & the Moonshine Boozers Foot Tapping Records FT055 2007

  • The Sureshots , John Lewis Rock’nRoll Trio

Thousands Records Japan 1000CD-002 2007

  • A Thumb Pickin’ Pluckin’ great Party

John Lewis Rock’n’Roll Trio ACR 001 2004

  • Musical Medicine

The Rimshots, Big Cigar Records BCRCD001 2002

  • They’re Bach

Johnny Bach & the Moonshine Boozers R001 2000

Rum Records

  • The Rockabilly Heaven Tour

The Rimshots, Sureshots, Wildfire Willie & the Ramblers joint Album

Recorded live on tour at the Irrlicht in Spenge BeBe CD008

Released on Gatefold Vinyl and CD

  • Tribute to Hank Williams

Rimshots meets Rusti Steel Be Be CD004/LP007 1998

Released on Vinyl and CD and Won Best British Album 1999 at the CMA Awards

  • Rockabilly Ready.

Mac Curtis with the Rimshots Vinyl Japan JRCD31 1998

  • Bach On the Bottle.

Johnny Bach & the Moonshine Boozers Vinyl Japan JRCD30/JRLP30

Released on Vinyl and CD 1997

  • Sentimental Fools

The Rimshots, Vinyl Japan JRCD29/JRLP29 1997

Released on Vinyl and CD

  • Feelin’No Pain

Johnny Bach & the Moonshine Boozers CGRLP002 1996

10” Album on Crazy Gator

  • Everybody Bop… Lets Bop!!!

The Rimshots, Vinyl Japan JRCD23/JRLP23 1996

Released on Vinyl and CD

The Rimshots

  • The Rimshots

Rockhouse Record ROCKCD 9315 1993


  • Essential Modern Rockabillys

The Rimshots Sentimental Fools / Rock all Night

Severnside Music SM CD004 ? 2004

  • Brandenburg Bounce

Johnny Bach and the Moonshine Boozers Long Gone recorded live

Rhythm Bomb Records PrCD001 2004

  • Cat’n Around Vol2

Bad Company/ What you gonna do

Pink & Black Records 2 songs John played all instruments on PBCD 002 2002

  • Live at Roskilde

The Rimshots – That’s you / Off it again ABC 002CD 2000

  • Rock Around The Lock

The Rimshots –Crazy ‘Bout My Baby – I fell in Love / Johnny Bach- De Bop

Vinyl Japan JRMCD28 1997

  • You Can’t stop the Christmas Bop Vol2

The Rimshots. Lonely Christmas night, Santa stole my whisky

Bebe 003 /LP006 1997

  • Streets of Fear

The Rimshots – That’s You

Fury Records FCD3037 1994

  • Best British Rock’n’Roller’s

The Rimshots – Midnight Train

RockHouse Records ROCKCD9302 1993

  • Rock’n’Roll Around the 21st Century

The Rimshots – Midnight Train / Cold Sweat

RockHouse Records ROCKCD9302 1907

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