The Rimshots

The Rimshots gained universal  respect from Musicians, Industry professionals & audiences alike, by playing their own style and mix of Rockabilly, Western Swing & Skiffle.
They have been described by music industry critics as the best Country/Rockabilly band in Europe.
They have worked with artistes Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Comets, Narvel Felts, Wanda Jackson, Rockabilly Legend, Mac Curtis and Van Morrison to name but a few.
They built up a strong following worldwide touring for 19 years, playing at venues, some 20 miles from the Russian Border, most of Europe, to Shows on Broadway, New York and Las Vegas.
With a lot of local shows in the early years around Penarth, Cardiff and South Wales.
Of their 5 released  popular albums, the Hank Williams Tribute album was awarded the Best British Country Album of the year at the CMA Awards 1999, not bad for a Rockabilly Band!
They split up 8 years ago for a break to follow different musical & family paths.
Since then they have been nagged and nagged to reform the original Award winning, World touring, “One More Beer” recording line up by many fans, clubs and festivals worldwide.
This year they have agreed to play the Rockabilly Rave on June 21st and the Hi Rockabilly festival in Spain in 2010 so they’re sort of back on the road. Since then they have played and been ask to play festivals all over the world.

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    Hi John my friend, long long time buddy it’s your old friend from school dayyzzzzz and washing up days at schooner lol Kristen Amos. I’ve been trying to find you long time then all sudden in my head though rimshots from hi in the day haha? Still going mate brilliant. Need to catch up 1 day where are you living now in Wales last 12 years. Here is my number text me yours 1 day? 07519162916. My email address also on page mate. Lovely to see you? Kriss

    1. johnlewis

      Hi Buddy
      how you doing. sorry i forget to check messages on the web site just found a whole bunch of them including yours.
      i’ moved back to Penarth about 15 years ago .my emails i check that regular
      be great to catch up some time. I’m playing down Cardiff bay this sunday at the food fair 1 o’clock and 4 incase your any where near and free

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