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  1. Your Uncle Mike

    If y’all ever get a chance to come to the States, y’all must come to Texas…
    We’ll go to 6th Street, Austin…
    Best wishes,

    Mike & Janet Allen

    1. johnlewis

      Hi Mike
      sorry for the late reply, my web guy just sent me the link to lots of messages.
      I didn’t know i had a comment page on the site. Oopps.
      I’m happy with a guitar than a key board in my hands.
      That sound great I’ve never been to Texas. been to lots of other states,
      But Texas is next on my list.
      I have quite a few friend moved to Austin to play music. I’ll let you know when I make
      it would be great to meet one day

  2. Andrew Moran

    Just discovered you John wow what a sound whatever project your in I cant find anything I don’t like, guitar playing is fantastic and the voice is unreal, but all you Welsh boys can sing cant you. As a fellow guitar picker I would love to know about what gear you use, for example – I’ve never seen a Bisgby guitar in this part of the world only the likes of Merle Travis back in the day. I notice you use a sm57 for the voice as well …. Cheers Andrew

    1. John Lewis

      Hi Andrew cheers. really sorry just found a whole bunch of messages in a different fold. the Bigsby is a copy made by a Welsh maker who past on many years ago sadly. the Sm57 i find more breathy with i like, but you’ve got to sing right on it, my amp is a Fender pro Junior and a boss delay pedal. hope that helps cheers
      heres a link to my new album on Spotify

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