John Lewis Discography







Singles / EPs

  • John Lewis is Bach The Mill / Definitely Got The Money

John Lewis Trio and Johnny Bach Single  ET15099 El Toro Records 2018

  • Please Don’t let me Love You / Sanity

John Lewis Rock’n’Roll TrioMR45-024 2016 Ltd 500 run. Picture cover

  • Flat-Top Cat / She’s Long Gone

John Lewis & his Rock’N’Roll Trio MR45-019 Ltd 500 run. Picture cover July2014

  • Drunk / Layback and be cool

John Lewis Rock’n’Roll Trio MR45-007 2012 Ltd 500 run. Picture cover

  • Doing Time / Black Cat

John Lewis Rock’n’Roll TrioMR45-001 2008 Ltd 500 run. Picture cover

John Lewis Rock’n’Roll TrioMR45-001 2010 Ltd 200 run. Yellow Vinyl Picture cover

  • Don’t Play C23 / Rock Ola Ruby

The Rimshots JJ7”006 2001 Be Be Juke Box Series ltd Coloured Vinyl

  • Fool about you , Love sick Blues

Be Be EP002 1998 Rimshots meets Rusti Steel Picture cover EP

  • Planet Bop / Shut Up and Drink your Beer

The Rimshots JON2 1997 Picture disc

  • One More Beer / You saved my heart, I hope my brain still works the same.

The Rimshots BCR 102 1995 Picture cover with lyric sheet inside Big Cigar Records

  • Volcano /That’s You, Off it again

The Rimshots BCR 101 1994 Silver label with picture cover, rereleased with yellow label BCR


Albums Vinyl/ CD

  • Where Would Rock’N’Roll Be?

John Lewis & His Rock’n’Roll Trio

CD ACR009 Atomic Cowboy Records 2019, 12″ Vinyl Migraine Records MR-LP 003

  • John Lewis 33 Years Stage by Stage

A look back at the recording side of John’s 33 Years on the road Double CD/ 12″Vinyl

El Toro Records 2019 CD ETCD7028  Vinyl BE127

  • His Other Side

John Lewis Solo Album  ACR008 Atomic Cowboy Records 2015

  • Sanity

John Lewis & his Trio, Atomic Cowboy Records ACR 004 Aug. 2014

12″ Vinyl release on Migraine Records  MRLP-001

  • The Billy Banks Sessions

John Lewis Trio, Atomic Cowboy Records ACR 003 2011

  • Live In Cardiff

John Lewis Solo, Atomic Cowboy Records ACR 002 2010

  • Rockabilly Heaven Down Under

John Lewis Trio, Sureshots, Wildfire Willie & the Ramblers Joint Album

Press-Tone Records Australia PCD12 208

  • Baching Mad!!

Johnny Bach & the Moonshine Boozers Foot Tapping Records FT055 2007

  • The Sureshots , John Lewis Rock’nRoll Trio

Thousands Records Japan 1000CD-002 2007

  • A Thumb Pickin’ Pluckin’ great Party

John Lewis Rock’n’Roll Trio ACR 001 2004

  • Musical Medicine

The Rimshots, Big Cigar Records BCRCD001 2002

  • They’re Bach

Johnny Bach & the Moonshine Boozers R001 2000

Rum Records

  • The Rockabilly Heaven Tour

The Rimshots, Sureshots, Wildfire Willie & the Ramblers joint Album

Recorded live on tour at the Irrlicht in Spenge BeBe CD008

Released on Gatefold Vinyl and CD

  • Tribute to Hank Williams

Rimshots meets Rusti Steel Be Be CD004/LP007 1998

Released on Vinyl and CD and Won Best British Album 1999 at the CMA Awards

  • Rockabilly Ready.

Mac Curtis with the Rimshots Vinyl Japan JRCD31 1998

  • Bach On the Bottle.

Johnny Bach & the Moonshine Boozers Vinyl Japan JRCD30/JRLP30

Released on Vinyl and CD 1997

  • Sentimental Fools

The Rimshots, Vinyl Japan JRCD29/JRLP29 1997

Released on Vinyl and CD

  • Feelin’No Pain

Johnny Bach & the Moonshine Boozers CGRLP002 1996

10” Album on Crazy Gator

  • Everybody Bop… Lets Bop!!!

The Rimshots, Vinyl Japan JRCD23/JRLP23 1996

Released on Vinyl and CD

The Rimshots

  • The Rimshots

Rockhouse Record ROCKCD 9315 1993


  • Essential Modern Rockabillys

The Rimshots Sentimental Fools / Rock all Night

Severnside Music SM CD004 ? 2004

  • Brandenburg Bounce

Johnny Bach and the Moonshine Boozers Long Gone recorded live

Rhythm Bomb Records PrCD001 2004

  • Cat’n Around Vol2

Bad Company/ What you gonna do

Pink & Black Records 2 songs John played all instruments on PBCD 002 2002

  • Live at Roskilde

The Rimshots – That’s you / Off it again ABC 002CD 2000

  • Rock Around The Lock

The Rimshots –Crazy ‘Bout My Baby – I fell in Love / Johnny Bach- De Bop

Vinyl Japan JRMCD28 1997

  • You Can’t stop the Christmas Bop Vol2

The Rimshots. Lonely Christmas night, Santa stole my whisky

Bebe 003 /LP006 1997

  • Streets of Fear

The Rimshots – That’s You

Fury Records FCD3037 1994

  • Best British Rock’n’Roller’s

The Rimshots – Midnight Train

RockHouse Records ROCKCD9302 1993

  • Rock’n’Roll Around the 21st Century

The Rimshots – Midnight Train / Cold Sweat

RockHouse Records ROCKCD9302 1907

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